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The British Equestrian Federation have issued guidance that says, “Riders are now permitted to transport horses to a venue for an individual lesson or facility hire outdoors. Those involved in travelling to or from a venue must all be from the same household. Venues should conduct full risk assessments and ensure that the required public health, hygiene and social distancing measures are implemented effectively”. We intend to do this but need your full cooperation to enable us to do this safely for you, our livery clients and staff. Any breaches of the Terms & Conditions in place will result in that person being asked to immediately leave the facilities.

We will be following these procedures to ensure your safety

  • We will reduce the numbers of horses on any one facility at any time as appropriate for that facility.
  • Each booking will have a booking slot.
  • Strict timekeeping must be adhered to.
  • We will not be offering group discounts.
  • We will allow sufficient space within the parking areas to maintain social distancing.
  • We will restrict numbers of people on site.
  • We will provide sufficient hand sanitising facilities.
  • Our toilet facilities will be closed to external users.

To enable us to achieve this you will:

  • Maintain current social distancing and hygiene practices.
  • Follow current government guidelines.
  • Bring disposable gloves with you for use at the LMEQ and take these and ALL rubbish away with you after your session.
  • Not enter either the arenas, gallops or Cross Country Course before the start of your allocated time and leave promptly at the end.
  • Under no circumstances enter any yard or otherwise private area of Littleton Manor Farm either on foot or horse back.
  • Ensure you park in the main lorry park immediately inside the Flanchford Road gates and under no circumstances take your horse box or car to any other part of Littleton Manor Farm
  • Only meet with one other from outside your household who may be a coach or other participant, provided that the appropriate social distancing and hygiene practices are observed.
  • Not bring spectators, only essential help. You will ensure that person is not someone who is subject to Covid19 movement restrictions. Dependants, including children should not attend unless they are the jockey and then they must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is not subject to Covid19 movement restrictions. Dogs should not attend.
  • Consider the risk of your activity and ride/exercise where it is safe to do so and within your capabilities and fitness levels for you and your horse. You shall wear a riding hat conforming to current British Horse Society standards at all times whilst mounted and a body protector conforming to British Eventing current standards at all times on the Cross Country Course. We strongly recommend that a body protector is worn AT ALL TIMES regardless of the facility in use due to the current delays on ambulance waiting time for some incidences.
  • LMEQ’s existing Terms & Conditions of use must be understood and strictly obeyed at all times.

Your attendance at LMEQ and Littleton Manor Farm is dependent on your acceptance of these rules which are in place for your safety.

Download our standard disclaimer here.

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Download our Group Bookings Evaluation and Questionnaire here.

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We look forward to safely welcoming you back.

Best wishes

Kate, Matt, Jack, Emily and the Team


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